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Conway's Game of Life

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Platform(s): Windows OS
Conway's Game of Life consists of a world of cells on a grid. These cells are either alive (on) or dead (off). The state of cell is determined by a set of rules, which all cells must obey. These rules are applied to every cell simultaneously. The only player input is the initial world state.

Conway's Game of Life is played by creating an initial world state (picking which cells are initially turned on) and watching the world behave accordingly to the set of rules.

Download Link: Conway's Game of Life
How to Play
The only player input in Conway's Game of Life is in defining the "initial world state." You may choose a random state, by clicking "Initiate Random Game" or specify the initial world state by clicking the "Specify Initial State" button, both shown on the right.

Furthermore, you may increase or decrease the world's dimensions by clicking the "Modify World Properties" button. The time between turns may be modified by changing the "Turn Speed" control. The values for this control range from 1 (slowest) to 60 (fastest).
Screenshot of Conway's Game of Life
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